Asylum Seekers From Syria

Many Syrian families have fled Syria due to the civil war currently taking place there. Over 5 million Syrians have fled to other countries all over the world. At first they escape to nearby countries such as Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Jordan. These countries struggle to look after them and provide them with adequate food and shelter. These asylum seekers often move on to other European countries were they are granted refugee status.


Many of these families were rich and led good lives in Syria. Since the outbreak of war many doctors, teachers and lawyers have decided to escape with their families to other countries. They people are in danger as their political views may be different to the Syrian government. These families escape their homelands during the night, often walking hundreds of miles through deserts and mountain ranges. It is a dangerous journey. If they are captured by government soldiers they could be arrested and killed.


Syria has been ravaged by war. Many families have had their homes bombed. Many children can no longer go to school as their schools have been destroyed. Many people cannot have basic medical care as their local hospitals have been bombed. Every day government planes continue to fly over towns and cities dropping more bombs. Many people do not have food, shelter, warm clothing or even clean water. No wonder so many Syrian mothers and fathers decide that they must move their children to safer countries.

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