Transnational Meeting - Poland January 2018

Our first transnational project meeting took place in Poland in January 2018.  Staff from all schools were able to visit the Auschwitz concentration camps. During the first year of our project students in all schools learned about how their local areas were affected by World War Two.

By the end of World War Two Auschwitz had become a killing factory. Millions of people that were in some way different to the Nazi ideology were murdered. Millions of people including Jews, Poles, Romany Gypsies and the disabled were killed by Nazi forces. 


Our visit to Auschwitz was a sobering yet important experience, which provided the teachers with first hand experience of the cruelty and futileness of conflict. The teachers left Auschwitz equipped with a sense of duty to promote racial and religious understanding and tolerance amongst their pupils. Auschwitz is the most severe example of what can happen when such tolerance is replaced by hatred and brutality.

Visit To


This was an opportunity for staff from all schools to meet in person for the first time.


Meetings focused on deciding upon specific details for Year One of the project including how to involve pupils in various projects. In addition, roles and responsibilities for each partner school were agreed upon.

Staff from Szkola Podstawova w Czaslawiu shared good practice on the teaching of numeracy. Staff from other schools were able to observe how children learned mathematical skills through being involved in practical activities and games. Staff were able to learn how Polish students used ICT effectively to reinforce numeracy skills.


Effective practice with the following apps was observed:

  • Kahoot

  • Quizizz

  • Quizlet Live


In addition, the following websites were focused upon:


Staff from other schools were provided with relevant experience of how these programs could be used effectively in their own schools.



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