Transnational Meeting - Wales September 2019

Our fourth project meeting took place in Llanelli, South Wales during September 2019. This meeting was a training event for staff from all schools. Two training events took place.


Delegates were provided with training on  ‘United Nations – Rights of the Child’ by Bob Mattingly of UNICEF. All teachers were able to discuss how refugee children are not being provided with various essential ‘rights’. As part of our Erasmus project every school will focus on one specific right and develop a presentation focusing on its importance.


The group also received training from Lea Halbourg of The Family Foundation focusing on Waste and Recycling. The third and final year of our project will focus on environmental education.


Visits to both Bigyn and St Mary’s Primary Schools enabled all delegates to view good practice in teaching and learning. At Bigyn good practice was observed in Cooperative Learning, which is a focused way of organising group learning. At St Mary’s delegates were able to view good practice in the teaching of ICT. In addition, both schools offered opportunities to share good practice with teaching and learning in the Foundation Phase, with pupils aged 3 to 7.

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