Transnational Meeting - France June 2019

Our third transnational meeting took place in Maurupt-le-Montois in the Champagne region of France. Two of the main priorities of this meeting were to learn about environmental art and how the region was affected by World War One.


During a tour of Reims delegates focused on how local history can be used as a stimulus for creative work with pupils. For example, the party visited Reims Cathedral to learn about how the links with the coronation of French monarchs and with Joan of Arc can be celebrated through creative activities.  


Delegates were provided with the opportunity to observe teaching strategies and activities throughout the school. This included a focus on teaching and learning with the youngest year groups, including the importance placed on art and creative work to encourage pupils to express themselves effectivity and to develop and extend social skills when taking part in shared activities.

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As part of our visit delegates learned how the local region was affected by World War One. The village of Maurupt-le-Montois was destroyed by enemy bombing during the war.


Delegates accompanied the two oldest year groups on an educational visit to famous local World War One landmarks, including Fort de Vaux and Verdun War Memorial. Staff from all schools were able to observe teaching and learning strategies involved in pupils learning about the causes, events and conditions experienced during World War One. The learning experiences focused on an experiential and emotion based learning approach. Children were involved in activities that involved them in imaging themselves to be soldiers living under such conditions, as well as family members coping with their prolonged absences.

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