Pupil Projects 4-6

Activity 4: 
Pupils in each school composed one verse for our joint ‘Peace Song’. All the verses were arranged into a composition by a Welsh composer called Chris Potter. The song focuses on people striving for peace and working together to avoid war and conflict.

Click Here For The Song Page


Activity 5:

Each school wrote one line for a group ‘Peace Charter’. Pupils chose words that were important to them. The words focused on leading peaceful and happy lives and building positive relationships with others. The lines from each school were joined together to write our ‘Peace Charter’


Click Here To See Our Peace Charter


Activity 6:

Welcome Booklets have been designed for all schools to distribute to new pupils. These booklets include the lyrics of the Peace Song and the words to the Peace Charter along with other images produced by pupils. The booklets contain information about individual schools, our Erasmus+ project and a comment of welcome from the schools’ Headteacher or Principal.