Asylum Seekers From Africa

Every week people from Africa risk their lives trying to get to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea in dangerous boats and dinghies. Every month many of these people drown and never make it to Europe.


There are a number of reasons why African people attempt to seek asylum in Europe. Over the last few decades many civil wars have taken place in countries such as Sudan, Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia. Teenage boys and young men in particular flee from these countries to avoid being kidnapped and forced to become soldiers.


Many Africans escape from their home countries due to human rights violations. In some African countries girls and young women are treated unfairly and are forced to get married to much older men who may treat them badly. These girls and women are not protected by laws in their own countries. They are forced to leave their families and look for a safer life in other countries.


Many droughts and famines have taken place in Africa. Many of them are due to climate change. Farmers become really poor as their animals die and their crops fail. People are forced to flee their homelands as there is not enough food to feed their families.  

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